LLLFFF. Liba falafel truck specializes in delicious falafel served out of an adorable truck. I was first alerted to their existence by a friend’s constant praise via twitter, but everywhere Liba was on a given day, I wasn’t. They eventually set up at Off The Grid’s Saturday spot which just happens to be just around the corner from my apartment, and I have been enjoying tasty falafel as often as possible ever since.



I love a food that’s vegan by default, especially when that food is presented in a delicious soft pita with chimchurri and tahini. While Liba’s pita and falafel balls themselves are delicious, what really sets them apart is the array of creative condiments. My personal favorite is the fried pickled onions – zesty pickled red onions lightly battered and fried (they tend to quickly so get there early if you want some, and you do). Other favorites are the tomato ginger chutney and rosemary peanuts; the peanuts add a nice crunch. They also have cardamom dill pickles, an olive-orange relish with thyme, and a billion other things, all very good and mostly vegan.

Liba’s falafels are available in small and regular size pitas, as well as in a falafel salad. I recommend getting the salad at least once if you really want to sample a bunch of the condiments without them running into one another, but don’t pass on the pita if you’re on the go – it’s the best pita game in town. I’m sure anyone that gives Liba a try will be back again and again.


No fried pickled onions, but tomato ginger chutney makes me hap-hap-happy

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  1. I love pickles in a falafel. It is not offered as an option nearly enough. Demand More Falafel Pickles (DMFP)!

  2. Jackie Smith says:

    I share your love of falafel! It looks delicious–good thing I don’t live too close or I’d probably stalk the truck.

  3. Jackie, some days I want to call in sick and stalk the truck. Unfortunately I work too far out of the city/ Oakland area to get a falafel everyday.

  4. Melissa says:

    Fried pickled onions sounds divine! No wonder they go fast!

  5. Megan says:

    SO IN LOVE WITH LIBA! Crispy fried onions om nom nom. I personally love the spiced carrot ribbons.

  6. I JUST got back from SF last night… I wish I had known about this truck because I would have absolutely stalked it. Falafel is one of my only favorite foods that aren’t considered a dessert.

    And did I read correctly, rosemary peanuts????

  7. kittee says:

    whoa. we need an awesome as Liba’s cart here in PDX. nothing i like more than condiments on fried food, but the chimichurri sounds uh maz ing!


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