So remember that kraut I started about ten days ago? Well, I can safely say that it has crossed the line from salty cabbage floating in brine to a grown up batch of kraut. I figured as much when I pulled back the dishtowel I have covering the bucket and caught a whiff of that pickled air. Then I grabbed a taste and it was nice and sour with just a teeny bit of kick.

It’s a good thing too, because I am tired tonight and could use something easy. Work has been an endless mountain of mind-numbing paperwork and to keep from stressing I started expanding the bike portion of my commute by getting off at an earlier train stop. I biked a total of 20 miles today which is almost twice what I normally do.

So easy plus kraut plus some very light corner grocer shopping equals sandwich. This could probably qualify me for one of The Laziest Vegans: Alexia chipotle sweet potato fries from the freezer and a tofurky beer brat. Oh well, sometimes convenience foods are there as the crutch I need when I’m feeling mentally exhausted and broken. And really, it will all be nice on a sandwich roll with plenty of whole grain mustard:



As for the rest of the kraut, I have some in a jar in the fridge and I’m leaving some to ferment more to see what I get from it – maybe even another Vegan MoFo Post.

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5 Responses to OUT AND A’KRAUT

  1. Impressive! But you know what I’m more impressed by?? You biking 20 miles!! Rock on!!

  2. kittee says:

    i am all for lazy, i have been eating bagels for two days. but i want kraut!!!!!!! i will trade you really good kimchi for kraut. also, that’s an impressive bike commute, pal.


  3. celyn says:

    Looks gorgeous and delicious to me!

  4. I have been making breakfast with Bisquick and I am not riding 20 miles on a bike. I think I am lazier than you. Or perhaps just sad.

  5. Mo says:

    That seriously looks amazing! And so pretty too!

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