BACHELOR BOWL, part one – the easiest bowl


The bowl! One of the easiest and simplest meals is that which is placed in a bowl to be consumed in a big mashup of vegetables, grains, a protein, and some kind of seasoning and/or sauce. Some people in the bowl club (I’m already in trouble for mentioning it, so don’t ask) go all out and name their bowls, carefully considering their sauces and ingredients, but mostly I just throw stuff together without much thought at all.

So this is my easy bowl, full of quinoa, roast broccoli, and baked tofu and topped with a bit of Sri Racha, some nooch, and a teensy bit of olive oil to stick it all together.

quinoa broc tofubowl

So now I can settle in on a Monday and catch up on AMC’s frightening documentary sent from the future.

Stay Tuned for tomorrow’s post – Sweet Potato Tots Take Two!

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5 Responses to BACHELOR BOWL, part one – the easiest bowl

  1. organarchy says:

    Sriracha & nooch…something about this combination can turn a plain dish into something truly tasty.

    I wasn’t aware of the whole “bowl club” thing. I’m with you in that I throw a whole bunch of stuff together while the husband is more about layering flavors and using only sauces that compliment said layers.

    Happy MoFo’ing!

  2. celyn says:

    How can I not ask about the bowl club?! Anyway, now I want a bowl.

  3. JohnP says:

    Keep posting bowls like that, and you might lose your bachelor status. The Bay Area’s young gentlemen will be lining up.

  4. Your bowl club will indeed bring all the Bay Area young gentlemen to the yard.

  5. Mo says:

    Why have I never paired sriracha and nooch before?!

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