LOCAL LOVE: Big Lantern–They Deliver and They’ve GOT BUNS HUN!

Friday friday, I’m so glad you’re here. I could go out but well, I’m tired. Tired from biking and working and waking up at 5:30 every morning and being covered in paperwork. One thing I like about living in a big city with a lot of vegan options is that I don’t have to give up those occasional junkish convenience like fried Chinese food delivered to my doorstep, and when I’m feeling antisocial I mean REALLY antisocial, Big Lantern is there. They have online ordering, so not only do I not have to cook but I only have to talk to an actual human being for the split second it takes to grab my packed up bag of Generals Meatless Chicken and BUNS and sign a credit card slip. Yes, I’m dining hermit style tonight. A dim sum hermit.

My favorite order is this: vegetable buns, turnip cake, and generals meatless chicken. It usually lasts (or should last) 2-3 meals, but I admit I sometimes scarf some cold from the fridge late at night.


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4 Responses to LOCAL LOVE: Big Lantern–They Deliver and They’ve GOT BUNS HUN!

  1. Turnip cake! My favourite gelatinous pile o’ turnip. At least, thats’ what they were in NYC. Here, I have no turnip cake. Cue violin music. panda dirge.

  2. celyn says:

    Ooh, want. That sounds delicious.

  3. That’s what I miss the most right now while we’re visiting Montana….my Chicago vegan delivery foods!

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