Pizza in Thirty Minutes or Less*: No NOID Avoidance Required

If you think the bulk of my weekday posts involve me stressing out and making something super quick to post about, you are right. And guess what? Tonight was no exception.

My day went like this: miss my train, lose a brand new cycling glove, arrive to work late, leave work late, barely make it to drop off my bike for a tune-up (thank you groupon), think of dinner (I know there’s a Trader Joe’s pizza crust in the fridge and some leftover Daiya-pizza), hit the store, and then march home to throw food together as rapidly as possible. I made a no-cook tomato sauce (14 oz can whole peeled tomatoes, drained for about 3 minutes, a couple tablespoons olive oil, splash red wine vinegar, teaspoon dried oregano, 1-2 cloves garlic, salt and pepper to taste and all thrown in the blender) while the dough was resting and then chopped up some broccoli and some homemade sausages I had made over the weekend. Tossed it all on the rolled out TJ’s crust and there I am, 12 minutes of baking on a hot pizza stone later:

foods - 11-22 039

Pizza! Pizza!

All in all, not too bad.

*or maybe just a couple minutes more.
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4 Responses to Pizza in Thirty Minutes or Less*: No NOID Avoidance Required

  1. JohnP says:

    Not bad at all! And way better than me. I had a late meeting, got home at 8, and had to scavenge leftovers from the fridge. Grim.

  2. Pshaw! I am down with that pizza. I ate bread last night. Now that is sad.

  3. Sorry to hear about your poopy day, but glad it got a little better with that pizza!

  4. Mo says:

    That looks most excellent!

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